Erik, born and raised in the enchanting city of Stockholm, Sweden, defied all odds as the first-ever deaf individual to study film and media at the prestigious Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts. Seeking inspiration, he embarked on a life-changing journey to the mystical land of Iceland. One fateful night, Erik pulled over, stepping out of his car to relieve himself. As he gazed upward, he was awestruck by the majestic dance of Lady Aurora. Her ethereal presence painted the sky in a breathtaking array of colors: emerald green, delicate pink, fiery red, and regal purple. This soul-stirring encounter planted a seed deep within Erik's heart, lying dormant until the world was engulfed by the Covid-19 pandemic. As uncertainty and fear took hold, Erik found solace in his pursuit of knowledge about the enigmatic northern lights.

Adam, originally from Poland, relocated to Iceland as a young man, eager to work in the thriving fishing industry. One fateful, moonless night, after toiling away for hours, he encountered a sight he had never witnessed before – the awe-inspiring northern lights. The mesmerizing display of celestial magic left him breathless, as he felt the hairs on the back of his neck stand on end. From that moment, he was utterly captivated. Unfortunately, at the time, affordable cameras lacked the technical prowess to capture the ethereal dance of the northern lights in all their splendor. Undeterred, Adam relentlessly pursued the means to upgrade his equipment, determined to share the wonder he had experienced. With an unwavering passion, he began guiding friends and international guests alike, enabling them to embrace the enchanting, spiritual essence of the northern lights for themselves.